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"Happy Birthday To Him" Dept.:

My buddy Les Toil, also known by some by his less moniker-ey moniker of Brian Clarke, is celebrating his birthday today, and rather than filling your eyes with my originally planned rant (something about Baby Boomers, their children, a culture of entitlement and the Do It Yourself movement that is happening in reaction to that - a topic I'll revisit out here eventually) I thought I'd give the man a shout-out worthy of his talents as an artist and designer.

The cover art for the BOOM STUDIOS graphic novel SHMOBOTS by Les & Adam.

Whether it's from his remarkable design work for film-makers like Adam Rifkin (who's film THE DARK BACKWARD introduced a running joke that Les and Adam have continued ever since - BLUMP!), his delightfully irreverant re-examining of MOTHER GOOSE in painted imagery, or his work as graphic designer for various bands and other creative sources, Les has a wickedly funny sense of humor combined with a delightful sense of whimsy that's child-like in that it recognizes that being a kid is just as much GARBAGE PAIL KIDS as it's an innocent and hapless period in your life.

I would be neglect if I didn't mention Les' incredible honorifics for zaftig women found on his TOIL GIRLS site or the fan group devoted to them on Facebook. I'm pleased to offer my own very best wishes to a guy on the day of his hatching who knows a good Wilhelm Scream when he hears one.

Those interested in more about Les and his work are invited to checkout the links provided in the text, and his blog, right here.

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