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Sad - Puppy

It was looking better for a while there...

We've lost both Patrick McGoohan and Ricardo Montalban in the space of a day.

Jebus Christ I need a drink.

Proper rememberances, along with the one I owe the lot of you for Eartha, soon.

13th-Jan-2009 05:20 pm - Writer's Block: Tricky Questions
Marvel - Furry Nerd
What is your first reaction when someone says "I need to talk to you"?

Like many here, either "What did I do??" or "Oh boy - now I've done it..."
4th-Jan-2009 09:45 pm - It just doesn't stop, folks...
Sad - Puppy

...can it just stop for a little while?

"With a Heavy Heart I Regret To Inform You" Dept.:

"Donald Westlake's PARKER" as drawn by Darwyn Cooke

Noted crime and "caper" novelist, hardboiled humourist, and (go figure)prize-winning gardener, DONALD WESTLAKE passed away December 31st, 2008. He was 75 years old.

There are not many creators, who, just by being familiar with their work, that you can immediately bond with some of your favourite creative types with, that have had quite the same "pull" for me as Westlake had. EVERYBODY I respected creatively seemed to gravitate to this guy as well, either for PARKER or DORTMUNDER. Darwyn got to talk to him a few times last year when he was doing preliminary work on his PARKER project (Westlake wrote the Parker books in a much harsher style as Richard Stark, and, by so doing, was also the inspiration for the Richard Bachman writing persona used by Stephen King). Wait'll you see who PARKER looks like, based on Westlake's recomendation, for the first book before he sees his plastic surgeon in volume 2.

Any opportunity I can take to preach the POINT BLANK gospel is one I'm gonna take. POINT BLANK was John Boorman's film based on Westlake's first PARKER book. Dig in, and I envy you the pleasure if you haven't ever seen this beautiful, beautiful, ripe plum for the first time yourself.

No more "important" deaths please? Not for another two weeks?

Sad - Puppy
"With a Heavy Heart I Regret To Inform You" Dept.:

Eartha Kitt passed away this afternoon after an extended battle with colon cancer. She was 82. A lot of people are going to mention her two episodes of Batman where she played Catwoman. I have a better story for y'all, and I'll post it tomorrow.

I met Eartha very briefly in the summer of 1990

Marvel - Furry Nerd

"Meme,Myself and I" Dept.:

Papajoemambo, Papajoemambo,
Papajoemambo, Papajoemambo.

The First Noel
from the Christmas Song Generator.

Get your own song :


Marvel - Furry Nerd
My favourite non-traditional Christmas song. This one understands the holiday & that means that it's not a happy one at all. That's kind of a warning
Marvel - Furry Nerd
Lovecraftian caroling for those dreading the solstice.
Marvel - Furry Nerd
Elizabethan carol, sung by someone more or less forgotten now.
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