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Pals of Ol' Pappy papajoemambo

scottedelman August 23 2014, 18:11

Celebrating a 40th anniversary with F. Brett Cox at Loncon3

Originally published at Scott Edelman. Please leave any comments there.

As I’ve told you before, Loncon3 was the 40th anniversary of my first Worldcon, which was Discon II. But I wasn’t alone in that—for Discon II was also the first Worldcon for F. Brett Cox.

Brett and I celebrated that anniversary with lunch at AL Masar Lebanese restaurant, after which Jeannie Beckwith commemorated the moment with a photo.


Only a single photo exists of each of us from that 1974 gathering, and I’ve cropped them together with the most recent pic to show what four decades can do to a fan.

Where did the hair time go?

Don’t forget to check back in 2054 to see what another 40 years does to the two of us!

anagramofbrat posted to metaquotes August 23 2014, 16:47

How to blow a cat's mind in one easy step

tacit has gifted his cat, Beryl, with not one, but TWO boxes. It's like kitty xmas.

Me: Okay, I need some more space to set up this printer. Here, let me just put this box inside the other box...

Beryl: ...

Beryl: The hell?

Beryl: You...you just...

Beryl: There is an empty box inside another empty box!

Beryl: You...I...it...

Beryl: How is this even possible? I can hop into a box, and when I get there, there is..another box! Another box, that I can ALSO hop into!

Beryl: I can be inside TWO BOXES AT THE SAME TIME.

Beryl: How did you make this happen?

Beryl: You are like a god. Like. A. God. A god of boxes. You...I never even...it's just so beautiful!

Beryl: Never in all my life have I imagined such a thing. You have opened my eyes to the Possible, and truly is it more amazing than I had ever dared to hope.

Beryl: Two boxes. TWO boxes. One box inside...inside the other...I'm having a moment.

Me: I'm glad I could make you happy, little buddy.

Beryl: Happy? Happy? Happy is getting the squishy food. Happy is having ONE box to play with. Happy is sitting on your shoulder while you do that thing where you sit in front of that glowing thing and you pretend like you're a mage and you press buttons and throw frostbolts around and you swear at the goddamn hunter who always pulls aggro and is never where he's supposed to be and...

Me: You mean play World of Warcraft?

Beryl: Yes, that. Happy is sitting on your shoulder while you do that. But this...this is...

Beryl: If Voluptas, the goddess of bliss born of the union between Cupid and Psyche, had been capable of feeling what I'm feeling right now, the entire story of the world would be rewritten. Temples in her name would stand still as the greatest of all human accomplishments. If you could package what I'm feeling and distribute it, wars would end, ancient rivalries would be forgotten, petty jealousy would be as extinct as the Stegosaurus.

Me: I'm just glad you like your boxes.

Me: Wait, how the hell do you know about Roman mythology? You're a cat!

Beryl: Can't talk. Busy playing. In boxes.

QWP, a little late, but still excellent.
raincitygirl August 23 2014, 16:45

No subject

Cat staff on my f-list/dwircle, please talk to me about the feline leukaemia vaccine. Young Miss Weaver is going for a post-dental checkup on Monday and is getting her booster FVRPC then, but the feline leukaemia vaccine is separate. Is it a good idea for her to have it, bearing in mind that she's an indoor cat who doesn't mingle with other cats? Also, she might be going to a cat hotel (they used to call them kennels when I was a kid, but apparently they're cat hotels now. Whatevs) in a few months. That vaccine is not required for entry, but is strongly recommended. Thanks.

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scottedelman August 23 2014, 16:19

My favorite Loncon3 moment

Originally published at Scott Edelman. Please leave any comments there.

I’m home from Worldcon … technically. Both my brain and body are still on London time, which means I’m tired when I should be awake and unable to sleep when I should be tired. But in this brief moment of lucidity, before I launch into a full Loncon3 report—as well as recaps of my meals at The Fat Duck and Dinner by Heston Blumenthal—I thought I’d share my personal highlight of the convention.

It occurred an hour or two into a party being thrown by the publishing company Gollancz. I was in a back room of the Aloft Hotel bar with Robert Reed, Ellen Datlow and others when I spotted the great Brian Aldiss standing by a pool table watching the action. And since I don’t get to see Aldiss often—in fact, the last time was likely during the 2000 Nebula Awards ceremony at which I was Toastmaster and he was named a Grand Master—I immediately left my group, because such opportunities are not to be missed.


I introduced myself and reminded him of when we’d last met. Joined by Rani Graff and Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, we chatted for awhile, a discussion which eventually led to Aldiss reminiscing about the first London Worldcon, held in 1957. I pulled up a site filled with numerous photos from that event, which delighted him. Luckily, looking at all of those images of dead friends made him wistful rather than maudlin.

A wonderful moment … but not yet the most wonderful moment.Collapse )

alladinsane posted to dragoncon August 23 2014, 16:01


Map of Peachtree Center Complex from the official site

Interactive and Downloadable Downtown Parking and Dining Maps from Central Atlanta Progress downtown business group

Dragoncon Survival Map from the Daily Dragon

D*C Photoshoot Location Map...thanks to sparr0 for putting this together

NOTE: There are major changes this year concerning shooting on the 10th floor of the Marriott and the back steps of the Hilton. Check the previous relevant entries in the community for more details.
naamah_darling August 22 2014, 20:59

I wonder if your heart's still open and if so I wanna know what time it shuts?

Back again.

Four more bags of trash carried out of my room since I last updated.  I haven't even begun to touch the stuff I need to get rid of but do not want to throw away.  Yard sale fodder.

I'm just surprised.  I mean, it looked messy in here, but it did not look six trash bags worth of messy.

Cleaned the bathroom, too.  More thoroughly than I've cleaned it since I moved in.  And that bathroom stays fairly clean anyway, since it's the one company uses.  I still need to clean the tub.  Gross.  But it's not so disgusting that I feel guilty looking at it.  I'm doing okay.

It feels good to be making progress.  I don't know.  I read something a while ago about how it has a genuine negative psychological effect living in restricted and/or messy quarters.  I think for a lot of people, this is probably true.  And I think it's probably true for me, too, even though I am what Sargon calls a "stuff-intensive" person.  (We both are.)  I'm on the hoarding scale, but only at, like, a two or something?  It just has the potential to get worse, is the thing, so I have to watch it.

It's gotten better every time we moved.  Our old-old house was a fucking nightmare.  The last one was merely unlivable.  This one is messy and cluttered but not unbearable.  I just was so tired from painting and then moving that I never really got things set up properly, and I'm currently sleeping in my studio for a long list of reasons that basically boil down to "I had to move my bed in here temporarily, and now I'm lazy and also cannot decide on a color to paint the bedroom".

Thank you, everyone, for saying such kind and helpful things the other night.  If I can wave my codger stick for a minute, it makes me miss the old days when we were all on here more often and talking much more freely.  LJ isn't what it used to be, and while I've fully accepted Tumblr into my heart as my Lord and Corrupter, it isn't the same.

If I haven't replied yet, I'm sorry.  Even though I'm feeling a little more stable, I still have limited spoons.  I was exhausted emotionally yesterday for no reason I could name, and was glad I didn't have to go out.  Today I feel better I think, but I only just got up.  Regardless, I did read every comment and I appreciate every single one.  Sometimes the ones that mean the most, the kindest ones, are the hardest to find a reply to.

I'm going to clear off my table enough to use it again and then we'll see about getting some work done.  A warm-up pony, I think, and then on to the incentive ponies I owe people.  Pull down this wall one brick at a time.
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fizzgig_bites posted to dragoncon August 22 2014, 20:37

Froggie Photos

Froggie Photos says they will post the schedule if they have time but to check the convention website a week before the convention. I can't find that. The schedule should be up for Friday, at least. I have found that the pictures will be taken in the Marriott but clueless after that. I have gone through the history but can't find any reference to it other than references to Hilton. Where is the schedule posted?
greygirlbeast August 22 2014, 19:46

"If you miss the train I'm on, you will know that I am gone."

The beast in me
Is caged by frail and fragile bars.
Restless by day,
And by night rants and rages at the stars.
God help the beast in me
~ Nick Lowe (1994)

A morning of packing. We'll spend tonight at Spooky's parents, then catch the train the Penn Station at the Kingston depot at about nine tomorrow morning. From there, it's the Crescent Line south to Birmingham. There's the expected anxiety are coming out of the hermit crab's shell of my office, my soft carapace being exposed to the world for some two weeks with no recourse to my armor. But there's more excitement about being home for the first time in six years and three months. I don't count the five minutes I spent on the platform last July, on our way to New Orleans.

I have to catch a train in Kingston, then I'm Alabama bound. There's a line from a Tom Waits song. Or Woody Guthrie.

There was a bit of a catastrophe on Wednesday night. We went to a show at the Columbus Theater to see Kishi Bashi. But, first we were crammed into a space upstairs – the theater's old balcony – hardly even the size of our apartment, some two hundred or so people. Hipsters. The worse sort of hipsters. The reek of humans (I forget how much humans stink), skunk pop smoke, curry, Budweiser, et cetera and et ectera was almost unbearable. Plus, we were crammed into tiny seats that would have been new in 1899, and I might have fit were I only 5'5" and very thin. Then, we had to suffer through two utterly horrid opening acts, the second being the worse, three Weezer wannabes calling themselves Bombadil. They were OH so irony and also had a ukelele. When Kishi Bashi finally came on, they were crammed onto that tiny stage, in a room that was star too small for the expansive soundscape they were trying to create. I could hardly hear, and I was exhausted from the smells and being so cramped. So I got up and left the theater, leaving Kathryn to endure the nightmare. I went to the restroom and almost immediately cracked met skull on a marble thingy as I was entering a stall in the toilet, I very briefly lost consciousness and came to as I was tumbling backwards. It was a bad fall, and I have a bad bruise on my coccyx to show for it. Within a minute, I mad a bad contusion on my head, and I was afraid I had a concussion. I made it back into the theater and got Kathryn. And we went home. As we left, Kishi Bashi were beginning a cover of Wings' "Live and Let Die" that I really would have loved to have heard. And no, I didn't go to the doctor. But my head hurt until late yesterday. The bump has mostly gone down.

That was our Fun Wednesday night. Someday, we'll see Kishi Bashi in a proper venue. And no more Providence, not ever again.

But, hey, I had some wonderfully productive five days before that. I wrote "Black Glass, Green Glass." I proofed the "CEM" for Raisin' Hell. I got Sirenia Digest #103 out to subscribers. That means I don't have to worry too much about work while I'm in Alabama. Right after I get home, I may have a short trip (one night) to NYC for Writers House's 40th anniversary party. Merrilee Heifetz of WH has been my agent since July 1997. That's seventeen years with the same agent. And we'll be visiting Neil for a couple of days in October. So, lots of travel for someone who's unaccustomed to travel.

Yesterday, I had my hair dyed black again, at Vis-à-Vis Hair Design on Broadway. No more grey. This is the first time I've gone black since 2009, I think.

And I suppose that's all for now. I mean to make regular blog entries while I'm in Leeds. I'll have lots of photos I want to post. But this is likely my last entry until at least Monday.

Almost Outta Here,
Aunt Beast
shanmonster August 22 2014, 16:55

Definitely a Pants Day

There's a gash in my leg, and I don't mean a cut. I'm talking pussy, here. It's not a porn star gash, with its neat, tidy labia. I'm talking a big ol' floopy cunt, with curly hairs and a bit of a dribble. From the looks of it, I'd say it's given birth a few times. It was there when I woke up this morning. No, I don't know how it got there, but I'm trying to find a way to deal with it.

I know you want to see, but there's no way I'm going to show you. You're not my doctor. Not my lover. Would you want to show just anyone your bits? Ok, maybe you would, but as for me, I'm not that much of an exhibitionist, even if I've been known to wear my shorts too short. No more of that, now. My new vag is up near the top of my calf, so there's no hiding it in the summertime unless I cover up.

Yes, I still have my old pussy, thank you very much. And yes, it's in the right place. And... Oh, dear lord. I just realized it might start bleeding. What the fuck am I supposed to do with a leg period? I guess I could use a tampon. There's no way I want to strap a pad there. And if I'm stuck with this thing and it's a working model, I sure hope it's synchronized. I don't want to have two sets of monthlies.

I remember seeing articles about mice with human ears on their backs, and a Russian guy with a dick attached to his forearm, but these things were there by design and not by chance. How the hell does a vulva end up growing out of my leg? Was I abducted by aliens? Is it proof of a god? Does magic exist? Will Professor X invite me to his school for mutants?

Oh god. I need to keep away from Aunt Fran's frisky dog. That thing always humps legs. Oh god....

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