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14th-Oct-2005 11:56 pm - Post-tober Fest continues apace!
Marvel - Furry Nerd

"New, Cool, Thing" Dept:

Submitted for your approval...

"It is uncommon to fire all six shots of a revolver with great suddenness when one would probably be sufficient, but many things in the life of Herbert West were uncommon..."


"Their outlines were human, semi-human, fractionally human, and not human at all -- the horde was grotesquely heterogeneous."
from H.P. Lovecraft's "Herbert West--Reanimator"

Based on HP Lovecraft's earliest published work, the delightfully bleak and darkly humourous "Herbert West: Re-Animator", this delightfully bleak and darkly humourous shadow-play shoot-em-up is by the unfortunately named BUM LEE:

Bum Lee: Budding Genius


Not only do you put the trudging re-animated corpses of the Medical School at Mikatonic University to their final rest, one at a time, until they catch up with you and tear you apart with their scabrous hands, you can watch them finish you in at least 4 colorful ways if you play it often enough...

Careful - this one is addictive after a while...

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