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Bats66: Party Crashers

Rappo hates it when I show him how good disco songs were - he always feels so torn.

"Where Were We Before YouTube?" Dept.:

St Valentines Day is an early Christian assimilation of an ancient pagan fertility festival that had to do more with werewolves, blood, and being horny.

More about Lupercalia under this cutCollapse )

Submitted for your approval, four of my favourite "Make Out Songs". As they used to say on K-Tel commercials, "ORIGINAL HITS! ORIGINAL STARS!!!"

How Deep Is Your Love

Open Arms

Blue Moon

Total Eclipse Of The Heart (if it makes it easier - try to remember that "Bright Eyes" was the nickname that Kim Hunter's chimpanzee veterenarian Kira called Charleton Heston by in the original Planet of the Apes - it really changes the way you hear this song...)

Put that in a Valentines Day Card and Mail it, kids...

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