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16th-Jun-2008 02:51 pm - Can it get any better?
Marvel - Furry Nerd

"Where Were We Before YouTube" Dept.:

Nina Hagen and Don Rickles on THE MERV GRIFFIN SHOW


And, what the Hell, some Lena Lovich too,who is referenced in the interview above...

Marvel - Furry Nerd

I kinda like to think of this as "The Day Joe Lost His LJ Friends List - Part Two" Y'all can blame Roger (rog9000) and Rappo(chalkie_talkie) for this one.

"The Stuff I Find Load Onto YOU TUBE" Dept.:

The Best of ZOOM - 1970's Edition, courtesy of

That's ZOOM: Zee-Double-Oh-Emm. Box Three Five Oh. Boston Mass. OHHHHHHH-Two-WUNNNNNN-Three-FOUUUUUUUUUUUUR
Send it to ZOOM!!!

And for those of you not thoughrally nausiated, here's a break down of UBBI-DUBBI, courtesy of the fine folks at The Wikipedia.

22nd-Jun-2006 03:01 pm - Yeah - this is a classic...
Beastie - X3 Hank "OMS&G"

"The Stuff I Find Put On Line On YOU TUBE" Dept.:

Yet another great vido short available for download from MIKE NESMITH's VIDEORANCH. Closet Canadian and openly lesbian stand up Comedienne LOIS BROMFIELD does her excellent "Why I Never Went To College" bit from her act.


Click to play, kids!

Why don't you dance for us Erma? DANNNNCE for us!!!

Marvel - Furry Nerd

"The Stuff I Find Put On Line On YOU TUBE" Dept.:

As soon as I found this available online for download on MIKE NESMITH's VIDEORANCH, I was glad to see that he recognised it as being one of his favourite gag bits from TELEVISION PARTS, because it was certainly one of mine. I uploaded it right away.

Mark Blankfield is the Irishman. Listen, and Re-pee-eaht

TOMORROW: Lois Bromfield in one of the best things I remember from 80's TV, period.

Oh, what I would give for the Bobcat Goldthait HOUDINI THE PIG sequence again

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