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Marvel - Furry Nerd

"It's The Reason For The Season" Dept. :

My buddy Gary's a writer for RUE MORGUE magazine and he covers their comics reviews. He and his little boy Finlay came into the store in his Spider-Man Halloween costume about two Saturdays ago, but Finn was feeling too shy to put his mask on til I asked him how the eye holes in his mask worked. That got his interest and then he wanted to show me. I taught him the web-slinging gesture (later to come into great handyness should he ever be a Heavy Metal fan, and need to rock out...). His Dad was johnny-on-the-spot with the camera...

Spider-Kid, Spider-Kid, Doin" what ever the spiders did...Collapse )

My godson Liam, on the other hand, is a HUGE Spider-Man fan and used to walk up to people, strike a dramatic web-slinging pose and announce that he was gonna "poke you with his powers!", but he also grooves on Franklin Richards and the Fantastic Four, Green Lantern, and The Flash. He'll be glad to know I mentioned him here, probably. Maybe not when he's about 12 or so, but I'll deal with that when the time comes (his sister is laughing at that - hard, and right now).

Coming Soon:

I loves Me the Swamp-Monsters

Marvel - Furry Nerd

When Toronto's comic-book loving geek-polloi decide to do a throw-down for one of their own, they don't piddle around about it (well, unless the party is sponsored by Diamond by way of that company I told myself I wouldn't mention).

"A Festivus For The Rest-Of-Us" Dept.:

Unlike some of the other more boring-er (that was for Brian K Vaughn who used that word best in RUNAWAYS) get-togethers in Toronto, the GEEK-POSSE and I were rubbing elbows and making with the fun-fun -here are some photos from Saturday night's combination 50th Birthday Roast for Mark Askwith and the Paradise/Beguiling/PopImage Post-Con party hosted by the wonderful Misters Chris Butcher and Scott Robbins at ROCCO'S PLUM TOMATO (where the staff there REALLY deserve to be feted themselves for putting up with our shenanigans).

The lovely pers, initially shy, warmed up as the evening progressed.

See what I mean? Here she is debating Peter Dixon of Paradise Comics on the finer points of festive savoir faire

Lovely Miss lostjane seems to have found IMAGE COMICS and WILDSTORM founder Jim Lee over by the bar. Did she tell him she hasn't read anything he's done since he left X-MEN in 1992? The World may NEVER know!

lostjane, kev_the_mev, an un-smooched cheek,
Jane's camera... You do the math.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more photos to be found by clicking this link - yes this line of text. Click here, folks!Collapse )

Jennifer (manager of THE DRAGON - a swell comics & gaming shop in Guelph Ontario - Hear THAT, DelaPlantes?) from Natasha Eloi of SPACE: The Imagination Station, and the ever delightful pers looking fresh as daisies still at the end of the evening.

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