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17th-May-2005 07:30 pm - If one more fanboy asks me...
Marvel - Furry Nerd

..."So, have you bought your ticket yet?"

I'm going to shift into full Jar Jar mode and follow them down the street shouting "MEESA BEEN BOMBAD DISAPPOINTED IN GEORGIE-KINS LUCASWALKER!!!" at the top of my lungs. Repeatedly...

I can even do the walk... AND the arms...

That being said, I'm seeing "It" on Sunday - despite the advertising click here if you want my spoilery disappointment sourceCollapse )

Also-ly, the lovely and talented Ms exquiscadavre has brought this to my attention, which actually explains my feelings about all of this much better then I could (and I've been known to be quite explicative...). Go and see... you'll understand.

Man - its embarrassing what a guy who turned 38 last Monday will put himself through to see an army of Wookiees...

Marvel - Furry Nerd

Despite my whining for more sleep and the like, I had a stupendous 4 days or so, concerning the Toronto Paradise Comic-Con and the SHUSTER AWARDS.

One of the highlights was "An Evening With Warren Ellis", where the writer of PLANETARY and TRANSMETROPOLITAN waxed philosophically about everything from Terrance McKenna and chronological bifurcation, to Hypatia of Rome to what American comics have to do to survive in a collapsed marketplace, to the difference between working for Marvel Comics and DC Comics, to the number of spliffs Alan Moore smokes a day.

(Oh! and while I'm thinking of it, for more Alan Moore wonderfulness, here's the ranscript of the BBC "Chain Reaction" interview with the Great Hairy Genius)

I've told myself I won't drop any more names until some of the photos come back, but I also loved the moment when J. Michael Straczynski admitted to me that he cries when he reads the end of his excellent graphic novel MIDNIGHT NATION and Jerry Robinson winked as he was leaving when he saw me in my seat.

I don't deserve to have that much fun over 60 hours. God Almighty, how I did, but I don't.

Marvel - Furry Nerd

Brushes With Fame Dept.:

We get a lot of comic-book professionals into our store, partially for political reasons (they don't like some of the management at some of the other shops all that much), partially because of our location (two or three of them have studios just down the street from us here or used to live nearby) and partially because the combination of nostalgia materials and back-issue stock makes us a good place to go for visual references for stories they may be working on.

After making a few suggestions and having them bounce an idea off of me, fan-favourite artist Darwyn Cooke and J Bone drew me into a Spider-Man comic about a year ago...Collapse )
Marvel - Furry Nerd
...they keep but MY SWEET JESUS but the yoiks that I have to "serve" on a regular basis here at the shop just make me want to claw my eyes out and gibber.

Cthulhu has nothing on these guys... and yes, although there are marginal female exceptions, make no mistake, they are guys with big guy-ish bells on.

Clueless. Annoying.
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