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"The Stuff I Find At Work Online" Dept.:

This is truly beautiful. This makes me think of Friday night arcade runs back in the Ottawa Valley in 1982. Me and my original Geek Posse (fellow French-Immersion ex-pat Cameron McEwan, and my good friend from public school Keith Stewart, and sometimes Kevin DeLaPlante, and sometimes our buddy Chris Hampel - coincidentally, but not REALLY all that coincidentally, the same guys I ran tabletop RPGs with) - packing into Geoff Pritchard's cramped up little Mazda and tooling it as fast as we could down Maitland Avenue in Nepean to the Queensway, pumping our arms to "Goodie Two Shoes" by ADAM ANT or "Come On Eileen" by DEXY'S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS, or "Eye Of The Tiger" by SURVIVOR, or "Mister Roboto" by STYX with one fervent, burning need in our barely adolescent minds (well, Geoff was adolescent, but he was a little regressive sometimes). One goal, one outcome and all of our pocket change gone, man - gone for a week:


There were about 7 or 8 of them - spread out along Rideau Street, and down through the Sparks Street Mall and onto Bank, ending right about where that cool poster place that our friends Brenda and Cathy and Lynne and Biz and Trina and Neena and Reena and Amangelina (I'm not making any of this up, folks, those are their names) bought their kissable DURAN DURAN posters and argued about "Who was cooler - Roger or Nick?" Occasionally meeting with the ladies at GUADALAHARRY's right in the Market for middle-of-the-road Tex Mex food in the shadow of the Chateau Laurier. God, we dressed ugly. I must have financed the cargo pants division of Levi Strauss myself that year. But we played games like THESE:

And now you can, too, at home or at work.

Clickety clickety, kids! No quarters not no more! Grok the totality of their funkety-viduality!

I'm playing me some JOUST!!!

Those of you rolling your eyes at my Canadian post-hairgel exhuberance and looking for something a little more, shall we say, Anglo-centric (and I know you're out there), need only look to this delightful variation on ROBITRON 2084 - that I pointed out to buzzylittleb yesterday, where the DALEKS CONQUOR THE EARTH!

Download and EX-TERRRRR-MIN-AYYTE!!!

Ok, rant over - I'm spent...

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