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"As Good As It Gets - Media Personalities" Dept.:

Something that a lot of the post-Goth people who obsess on Vincent Price and Louise Brooks should bear in mind when they see Joan Rivers doing her red-carpet-bitch schtick is that Joan is a dedicated silent film and pre-code movie buff and that she interviewed both Unca Vinnie and Auntie Brooksie extensively before they both died. Joan and Roddy McDowall were both so dedicated to their love of the cinema that they tracked down Louise Brooks in Rochester New York when she didn't want to be talking to anyone and encouraged her to submit her reminiscencs that later became the book "LULU IN HOLLYWOOD".
My favourite Roddy McDowall story that Louise Brooks toldCollapse )

Roddy McDowall would have been 79 today, had he not develloped lung cancer in the last 5 years of his life - partially from having been a smoker but some say exacerbated by what may have been an undiagnosed HIV infection. I always kind of liked Roddy for a cheesey charm that he applied to most of his performances, and the fact that he's in one of my 10 favourite movies ever (LORD LOVE A DUCK, clip shown below), but the trained actor in me looks at his "oooh-er-ummm-hmmm..." style of sliding into a line to lend it a false naturalness as a kind of trick that I'd have never gotten away with. After almost 60 years in Hollywood the man never generated enemies, and that says something for him - also, at the height of a very "outy" time period near the end of his life, and especially after the death of Rock Hudson, no-one ever embarrassed him concerning his desire to keep his sexual proclivities to himself. Everyone liked Roddy.

The previously posted and largely improvised "13 Sweaters For Barbara Ann" sequence from LORD LOVE A DUCK.

Roddy's best performance in one of his "silly monkey movies". Watch how at the climax of the scene 20th Century Fox, at the height of racial tensions in America, chickens out and has Ceasar stop ranting about Ape Supremecy and encourage apes to live like humans - there are no shots of his mouth speaking the words of peace, and the Malcolm X-ish last line heralding the coming of the Planet of the Apes was the actual last line of the original speech before the voice over was surgically inserted with tweezers in what became the more Martin Luther King-styled second half.

Twilight Zone - People Are Alike All Over

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