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Papa Joe Mambo's Cellar Full of Noise
I know a place where the music is fine and the lights are always low
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Marvel - Xemnu and Friend

Something for my buddies from LUXURIAMUSIC.COM A fine, FINE music site that many of you would well groove on.

"Where Were We Before YouTube?" Dept.:

This is BubbleGum Music pure and simple. Goddamn but this stuff relaxes me. I'm also a little startled as an adult when I see how much subversion-of-the-norm while you have fun with your friends and invitations to enjoy yourself are there right from the opening songs of a lot of the kids shows I grew up on. The J5 are at the bottom because that is about as pure bubblegum soul as you can get. There are more under the cut.

Cattanooga Cats don't go "Meow" - wouldn't try if they knew how - they're doin their thing.

"Every boy in this land grows to be his own man - in this land every girl grows to be her own woman"

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