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Marvel - Furry Nerd

Many traditions are part of the "30 Days of Christmas"...

Our reading tonight is from the First Book of Ernie, Chapter 23...Collapse )

Because O Henry got it right the first time, and this is my second-favourite 20th Century Christmas song here's

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Click to download or listen , folks.

Marvel - Furry Nerd

...and he holds a deep resentment for your joy...

"30 Days of Christmas" just keep coming

and because its time has come again, its a

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The Young or just the Young-At-Heart sharing Oscar's distain need only click here or on the image above!

That slushy nonsense makes him ill...

8th-Dec-2005 11:02 pm - If you haven't got a Ha' Penny...
Marvel - Furry Nerd

Its still happening...

"The 30 Days of Christmas" is a force of nature...

Ever wonder how floppy felt simulated animals would sing their festive joy if they managed to get away from John Denver for 2 minutes on the set of a 1980's TV Christmas Special?

No - you did... I *KNOW* you did...

Sing, My Puppets!! SING!!!

Download and Enjoy, Kids!!!

The Dutchie is being passed and nobody can tell me John Denver wasn't a Muppet... I mean, there was a hand up his butt and EVERYTHING...

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