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"Letters... I get Letters..." Dept.:

My friend maidenearth writes:

"Dear Joe,

In an old cartoon of the '39 world's fair I think, a male character said, when looking at a car, "22 skidoo", with a hand motion kinda like what ZZ Top does... Can you tell me what this means? It was way before snow machines were invented. In context I think it meant "very cool", but I'm curious about the etymlogy of the phrase. Thanks history dude."

Well, I think you might actually be referring to an old expression very popular in the 1920"s: "23 Skidoo!". Off by one, that"s not too bad.Collapse )

PS: I have entire acres of land mass in my head filled with this shit...

PPS: Starting tomorrow - more Victorian images, with a vengeance.

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