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Marvel - Furry Nerd

...(if you can call it a layout and not a product-dump) lostjane may appreciate this more than some of you.

"Life In The Trenches" Dept.:

Many of you may have a deep hate for Woody Allen, and I can understand why, but I don't think there's anything more relatable in any of his movies than the moment where he pulls Marshall McLuhan out from off-screen in the middle of a scene in a movie line-up to shut some know-it-all-mo'fo' the Hell up who seems to think he's got the Professor's theories all sussed out.

Working in the office at the shop is a lot like that, because the new comics rack and one of the graphic novel displays is right by the open door to the room where I work on teh eBay listings most days. Somedays, like lil' Alvy Singer, you really just wish you had a sock filled with manuere to help some shit-for-brains-"Rhodes-Scholar" realise that he's just talking out of his ass - especially when he starts to play the "Well, I have an arts degree" game as it relates to a genre that I probably know more about than a lot of people aught to.

I just had some guy try to "explain" Frank Miller to us.

It's a good thing Canadians don't believe in personal firearms.

Yeah, lostjane is prolly chuckling right now...

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