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30th-Dec-2006 11:43 pm - This is for Stephen...
Galaxy Quest : Yay -Anh Anh Anh Clap Cla

...but the rest of you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the original B&W pilot episode of GET SMART as well, with Micheal "Miguelito Loveless" Dunn as Mister Big.

"Where Were We Before YouTube?" Dept.:

Part 1 (complete with a Cone of Silence sequence)

Part 2

and the conclusion (with not only a "Would You Believe...?" but VITO SCOTTI as the Professor)

and, for desert, some extra cheesecake/garnish with Angelique Pettyjohn playing "Charlie Watkins" for my Geek Posse brothers Meredith and Rob, and Mister Rappo himself. Those of you playing along at home might remember the ample Ms. Pettyjohn from her role in the classic Star Trek episode "THE GAMESTERS OF TRISKELION".

Ye Gods...

Bats66: Bomb - DAMNIT!

"Where Were We Before YouTube?" Dept.:

Control Agent 86, aka Maxwell Smart, and Agent 99 run afoul of The Groovy Guru - KAOS Agent supreme and mastermind behind the socially de-integrating Rock group THE SACRED COWS.

Yes, that's Larry Storch with the Mod widow's peak in the dashiki.

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