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1st-Oct-2005 07:09 pm - Well, I've been away for a while...
Marvel - Furry Nerd

(it really has been a dreadful month, where I haven't felt anything like myself at all)

And to commemorate what I'm going to call a return-to-form, I'm now inaugurating POST-TOBERFEST!!!! I will attempt to have something good and of tasty content up at least once every two days or so this month (because let me tell you, although I've been feeling miserable, I've been stockpiling stuff for when the spiritual fever broke so-to-speak).

First off, some music:

"Put Another Nickel In" Dept.:

The ever-painfully talented DJ Rx has provided us with another unlikely addition to the recorded works of George Walker Bush, his awfully danceable and almost fracture-makingly funny "cover"of GRANDMASTER FLASH's "White Lines".
Image hosted by
Much more wonderfulness to be found over at The Party Party (I'm especially fond of Dubya's cover of John Lennon's IMAGINE).


and because its a special kinda day, I also think you'll all enjoy the song-stylings of a sort of a friend of mine, one ROGER CLOWN, vocalist for the fabulously tight and evocative Cartoon Music group STOOPY! singing the standard "Bye,Bye, Blues" right here for y'all!!

The VeryTalented Roger Clown

I'm BACK!!!

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