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Marvel - Furry Nerd

"You Learn Something New Everyday" Dept.:

My friends Chris Hampel and Kevin DeLaPlante went to an English seminar as part of a High School thing and while they were listening to WO MITCHEL (who is kind of a Canadian Literary stalwart up here, for you Yanks) talking about the nature of his writing, Mitchel asked the kids who they thought he thought was the best storyteller around in those days - it was Bill Cosby.

I was a huuuuuuuge Bill Cosby fan when I was a kid. I was especially fond of his longer extended riff-style jokes like "TO RUSSEL, MY BROTHER, WHOM I SLEPT WITH" and "THE DENTIST" and two of my personal favourites, "REVENGE" and "THE CHICKEN HEART". To those of you who may be unfamiliar with what The Cos was doing while he was still funny (he's apparently given that nonsense up...) "THE CHICKEN SKETCH" is a classic Cosby scenario - the kids aren't allowed to listen to the scary Inner Sanctum radio show and because their parents are too dirt poor to afford a babysitter, Bill gets full control of the house for a night - and listens to the show. The episode in question concerns a chicken heart that eats New York City. He's scared out of his wits. That's about it. Cosby had a knack for sound effects - the Lub-ba-Dum of the chicken heart is especially good when he's making it deep into the mike.

Hans Conreid as Doctor Terwilliger

Well, I had no idea that Cosby was recreating an actual radio play. Arch Obler's LIGHT'S OUT featured a story enacted for radio with Hans Conreid (best known by a lot of us as the voice of Disney's Captain Hook in PETER PAN and Snidely Wiplash in DUDLEY DO-RIGHT cartoons and as the eponymous Doctor T in "THE TEN THOUSAND FINGERS OF DOCTOR T" - the live-action Dr Seuss musical) that had just such a scenario. The original broadcast tape from March 10, 1937 was lost, but Oboler got Conreid to recreate it for an LP in the early 1960's.

And here it is. Brace yourselves - it's a weird one.

The Chicken Heart

Marvel - Furry Nerd

"The Stuff You Can Find On YOUTUBE" Dept.:

Well, that's it - YOU TUBE is now part of the great big GOOGLE family and I wonder how long the goodness will last now. While we still, for the tine being, have a special selection of the great and crap-tacular, I submit these - great examples of the GREATLY craptacular. Exploitation trailers from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's hand picked and loving chosen by yours truly - this time for the lovely and talented and keeps-her-light-under-a-bushel Miss kanashiminokizu   who bears more than a passing resemblance to Tura Satana and who would love-to-death each of the other features listed here.




The studio had no faith in this movie, it's MUCH better than it looks
and William Marshall (the future KING OF CARTOONS on Pee Wee's
Playhouse) kicks ASS as Mamuwalde (not Blacula - which he's
only called once by Dracula as seen in the trailer).


Yes buzzylittleb   that's our boy Gorden Pinsent viewed briefly as the Police Detective pulling the sheet off the soul-sistah vampiress in the Blackula trailer.

I'll have a mini-essay on why Horror works best and is it's most entertaining as a subversive fringe genre, but frankly, I've got a nasty head cold and that's a log rambling bla-bla-blaaaah rant (yes, Miss lostjane   ) that will have to wait for another day.

Coming soon:

What do you gotta do with your life?

"I gotta rock..."

Marvel - Furry Nerd

"Riding With the Geek Posse" Dept.:

Last night, several members of the Posse and I went to see MONSTER SQUAD at the monthly movie event at the Bloor, hosted by RUE MORGUE Magazine, and then hit the Madison Pub to:

1) be befuddled by card tricks by my buddy Suley's wife Julie who is a professional magician.

2) be reminded how we're all not in University anymore. There's never any shortage of drunk drama on Pub Nite at a University bar - I have no idea how we had the time for that, "back in the day" (as the chillun' say), but I remember that we did. My memory hasn't gone yet, at least.

3) all feel old because we were all getting tired so quickly.

I try to restrain myself from sending much mail when I've "had a couple". Part of it is because I type badly enough when I'm sober, but my family has never been a bunch of "angry drunks" and as a result I get all maudelin and gushy and then I'm embarrassed afterwards. I mean everything I've said, when I've said it, but we guys have a social imperitive to be all stoic and that gets muddled when I'm licquored up. Some of you've seen me when I'm all "muscle relaxed" - for those of you who haven't, I'm enough of a frickin pushover when I'm sober, let alone when I'm letting everyone know how much I appreciate their company - usually in long-winded declarations of humble confederate fealty.

But yeah, I'm considering Geek Posse night a success that has to be revisited soon.

Marvel - Furry Nerd

I've opened a YOU TUBE page of my own, and have begun uploading episodes, in parts, of my favourite Canadian kids show, The Hilarious House of Frightenstein!

Yes, that *IS* Vincent Price.

Submitted for your approval:

Amos Moses Pt.1

Amos Moses Pt.2

Amos Moses Pt.3

Amos Moses Pt.4

Amos Moses Pt.5

Amos Moses Pt.6

Amos Moses Pt.7

I envy some of you the pleasure of seeing them for the very first time.

Let me know what you think, folks!
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