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"The Good Old Days Weren't Always As "Good" or "Old" As They Seem" Dept.:

A lot of comics fans and people with a sense of history when it comes to popular culture look at the 1950's Federal Hearings as run by Senator Estes Kefavuer as being a large-sized waste of time. Movies like THE NOTORIOUS BETTIE PAGE, or much of what's been written about Frederick Wertham tend to focus on the persecution of a small group of misguided, but ultimately harmless, creative individuals who've step on the toes of conservative authority and popular opinion but never really meant anyone any harm, and only wanted to entertain people. And yes, that was true - for the most part. Still...

Imagine: it's 1954 and some LEAVE IT TO BEAVER styled mother, in pearls to complete the image, is putting some laundry away and she finds this on her 11 year old son's bed. For that matter, imagine any parent today finding this on their kid's bed, knowing they bought it at the local newstand where the friendly dealer there sold it to him "cuz it was just another funny-book".

Is it any wonder the OTHER comics companies (specificaly Fawcett, National and Dell - not Timely , they were just as extreme as EC) set up the Comics Code, either to put the breaks on this kind of exploitation, or to run the people who were making more money than they were by printing this stuff out of business?

Me- Peek!

... but Time, it would seem, is The Great Enemy this week.

"Longbox Playhouse Proudly Presents" Dept.:

Try to imagine the Perry Mason theme or some really cool Spy Jazz as you read this...

Click here for the rest of Jack Cole"s *MURDER, MORPHINE AND ME!*, under this cutCollapse )

The most famous single comic-book panel of the early 1950's
Kefauver hearings, themselves largely responsible for comics
*really* "Only Being For Kids" for the next 30 to 40 years.
All in all, pretty harrowing stuff, this.

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