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Marvel - Furry Nerd

"As Good As It Gets - Canadian Psychedelic Monster Show Category" Dept.:

There are a few FRIGHTENSTEIN collections available for purchase these days. This single disc of four half hour American episodes easily found via Amazon, and this three disc collection of 13 Canadian hour long re-edits of the American syndicated package with re edited WOLFMAN sequences, but unfortunately none of their original music (frankly because Micheal Jackson who owns the rights to most of the Motown licences including Sly & The Family Stone's "I WANNA TAKE YOU HIGHER" and decided that the Frightenstein restorers should pay through the nose for rights to the same). None of it is quite as excellent as the original one-hour Canadian episode you're about to see here, but that might be my Canuck pride just showing through.

Part 1 of 7

Part 2 of 7

Please feel free to click here to watch the rest of the AMOS MOSES Hillarious House of Frightenstein episode, under this cutCollapse )

Also, recently posted to You Tube, the EXCELLENT interview/doc/retrospective of the show by Official Hillarious House of Frightenstein webmaster Ben Kane, "RETURN TO TRANSYLVANIA - A Short Documentary on Billy Van".

Part One

Part Two

Coming Tomorrow:

A Boy and His Jurassic Dog

4th-Oct-2006 01:27 pm - Even More POSTOBERFEST
Marvel - Furry Nerd

"Gory Gory Transyl-WAIN-Yaaah, As We Go Stumbling Through" Dept.:

I scared EASILY as a child. I think part of that came from living in an emotionally loud household, and part of it came from having a very active imagination, and being just naive enough as a child to really believe in monsters for a very long time. I couldn't watch a lot of the tamest kind of horror movies as a kid because the dread of being afraid of something really scary would actually preceed the stuff that was supposed to be scary.


When Canadian television and commercial producer Mitch Markovich met Billy Van he realised that this was a talent that he could exploit. Van who had been the baby of a vaudeville family and worked extensively in improvisation and music and through a number of Revue-styled productions could jump from character toi character and improvisation to improvisation in no time flat. They hit on the 60's monster craze and combined it with LAUGH-IN with psychedellic black out sketches shot on a single set that would be dressed after a group of 50 scenes were shot on them and Billy had gone to make up - then they were struck and re-dressed so that the same thing would happen all over again, and then it was all edited together as a 60 minute show. All of the characters seem to be loosely based on the Aurora Monster Model Kits that were MANDITORY for every young boy to own at the time.

They did 122 episodes in two months. They got Vincent Price to do all of his work in a three day weekend, memorising his introductory doggerel poetry in a 30 second memory burst and then doing it on the spot - often goofing with the cameramen (and he was happy to because he recognised the educational content of the show and wanted to be in a kids show for years at this point).

I could blather on about this one forvever. Thank you SPACE for running the series daily again on Canadian television, and thank you to the dozens and dozens of fellow Frightenstein fans who saved the episodes from its original; SHOWCASE airing that have the now-verboten Wolfman sequences. This is one of those episodes.

If you are someone who hasn't seen this before, I envy you the pleasure of the first "what the f%$#! is THIS"!

Dig in, Gang.

Part The First (of 5)

Part The Second (of 5)

Part the Third (of 5)

Part the Fourth (of 5)

Part the Last (of 5)


Gaze upon the face of TIM BOO BA!

Marvel - Furry Nerd

Or maybe not.

"These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things" Dept.:

This is a rather inventive minute and a half bumper (to fill time between shows for when there weren't enough ads sold) that ran for about a year on Cartoon Network. It's so weird to see Josie, Melody and Alexandra off of their familiar character designs stolen from Dan DeCarlo animation model, let alone in FULL and FLASH animation, let alone Disco, Punk, C&W, Heavy Metal and Techno versions, but there you have it.

I am such a mark for this stuff. I even have rips of the two JOSIE & THE PUSSYCATS albums that I'mtempted to post tracks from someday.

Marvel - Furry Nerd

Thanks to kaijugal for bringing it to my attention.

"The Stuff One Finds On YouTube" Dept. :

If I'm not wrong that's Blossom Dearie singing there as well - and a little Blossom Dearie is the cherry on the sundae.

23rd-May-2006 08:09 pm - These ones are fondly remembered...
Marvel - Furry Nerd

"The Stuff I Find Online On You Tube" Dept.:

Dedicated to fighting evil, while weaving her web of justice - it's Spider-Woman!"

the interesting thing was that Spider-Woman was the first of the Marvel characters, PERIOD, to get a show on TV in the 80's when Stan had moved out to California and started pitching characters to studios like a Bat Outta Hell, and was on TV a full year before some of the other characters were. Because the live-action Spider-Man series had fared so poorly ratings-wise on CBS, most networks didn't want to pick up the pilot for this perennial classic:

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends!

I always loved the transformations for Angelica and Bobby in this cartoon. Also, the music/soundtrack geek in me would be remiss if he didn't point out that the moment after Spidey swings through the iced-over fire monster and shatters it and Angelica is flying circles around the Green Goblin has this wicked little synthesiser riff that really soars amongst the background orchestral sound for the rest of the theme song.

It gets even better, though. For the benefit of lostjane and nomorescience, who don't have the time to find these sorts of things:

Spider-Man visits the Uncanny X-Men from S-M&HAF!

Oh yeah - geekish gushing under the cut,,,Collapse )

Even though it gets as much wrong as it gets right - the stuff it gets right is a lot of fun. Check it out folks (all 23 minutes of it, if you've got the time!)

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