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Marvel - Furry Nerd

..."Up there they calls it their 'thigh-bones'..."

"As Good As It Gets - Comic Strip Adaptations" Dept.:

When I was a lil kid, I wanted *very* badly to be Peter Palmer (that's the fella playing Lil' Abner below) - I've since come to a jaw-dropping appreciation of Stubby Kaye (he's the rounder one in this clip). Stubby's a belty-tenor like I am, and if I could ever look as contented on a daily basis as he does at the in the pose he's in at the 1:39 mark for the lines around "They sets around in this place they got" I'll know I'll have been doing SOMETHING right. Watch out for Billie Hayes (later to be seen as Witchiepoo on HR PUFNSTUF and Weenie the Genie in LIDSVILLE) nodding her head at the 1:24 mark with the grey hair roll on her forehead, being young but playing old as Mammy Yokum ( a part she took over from Charlotte "Mrs Garrett" Rae). Hey Janey, doesn't Mr Palmer look a little like Piotr?

I defy you to keep this tune out of your head for the next 18 hours.

Nobody - and I mean NOBODY was hotter than Julie Newmar in her prime.

Here she is revisiting her original role on Broadway as Dogpatch County's resident Weapon of Mass Destruction. Yes, that's Jerry Lewis making a cameo as Itchy McGrabby. Jerry met Stella Stevens on the set of this movie the day he shot this scene and then immediately cast her as the lead in THE NUTTY PROFESSOR. Stella was there because Tina "Too-Good-For-The-Things-That-Made-Her-Famous" Louise had turned the movie part down, in a typical act of career self-implosion (when Bob Denver has nothing kind to say about you... you're a bitch, let's face it...).

Sons, you may need to Pro-Teck yerselves...

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