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21st-Feb-2007 01:28 pm - This one isn't all that "Work Safe"
Marvel - Furry Nerd

"New Cool Thing - Video" Dept.:

"Chatty" Mattie Mozgiel added this to the second season set of VENTURE BROTHERS that he dubbed for me, knowing that I'd find it really funny. I don't think there's anything that feels more "Heavy Metal" or High School AD&D than Korgoth of Barberia (except maybe seeing GWAR live, which I haven't yet).

I think lostjane might like this. I know Rappo will be giggling like a little girl. Lots of blood, lots of guts, lots of bird guanno, lots of sexism, lots of testosterone, folks.

Korgoth - Pt 1.

Korgoth Pt 2

Korgoth Pt 3

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