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"As Good As It Gets" and "Has Been Implies Might Yet Again" Dept.s:

First of all, for those of you who either haven't seen it or who may have forgotten the threat of sneering mallards, The Sinister Ducks - Alan Moore (yes, THAT Alan Moore), and David J (yes, THAT David J from LOVE & ROCKETS) provide us all with a warning.

In other brewings, my "new chatroom wifey" SarahJayne and my friend Kym (razor_candi) have had me thinking Rockabilly-ishly lately. When I think of Rockabilly I think of the Rockabilly and frat rock I used to hear when I was in High School and my first couple of years at York University. Most of it pretty heavy handed older-folks-trying-to-evoke-greasers stuff. Then my friend Mattie in Tennessee (paidmydebts)had me thinking about Cher - so you know what happens when that happens. Everything gets muddled when I'm reminded what's in my noggin-vault, but you overlap some stuff and all of a sudden there's stuff that I can't get out of my head - Bell, bell, bell, jackpot.

Jim Steinman writes the catchiest strictly-written-by-formula frat rock anthems in the history of the genre. Even the stupidest ones (and I have no illusions as to how stupid the upcoming video is) still manage to set my toes to tapping with their weird kind of "Cole Porter's Retarded Trailer Trash Grandson If'n Porter Warr-en't A Qwaaarr" lyric dexterity ("I know that you and I oh we got better things to do - I dunno who you are or what you do, or where you go when you're natta rouuuuuuuund") and dead-serious to the point of hair rock Camp sincerety. This is a particular abomination that screams too much and not enough all at the same time, but it's catchy - you gotta give it that. Brace yourself for the goofy.

There are vast acres of space in my brain filled up with this crap, folks.

I would love to hear a LEGITIMATE, new, Rockabilly band do a remake of this with all of the goof knocked out of it, because I think it would kick seven kinds of ass. Perhaps someone like THE COCKROACHES out of Montreal (I love those guys)

Add someone like Colleen Duffy from Devil Doll tearin it up on stage in the Cher part. That would be FINE. Here's Coleen shreikin it out in concert - check 'em out.

That would be FINE.

15th-Aug-2007 05:14 pm(no subject)
Blues Bros. - Well I heard about the fel
"PapaJoeMambo's House of Mellodious Ebouliance" Dept.:

David J (ex of Bauhaus) and Alan Moore (writer of many a graphic novel, my favourites being THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN and FROM HELL) provide dire warnings.

Click here or above to download, gang!

Marvel - Furry Nerd

"Two Great Things That Go Great Together TM" Dept.:

LEGO bricks and UK comic book creators.

From left to right: Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, and Alan Moore.

Those of you who aren't already chuckling quite hard may well be asking "But Joe, who are these fellows and why have they created such a furor-ry?" This is a reasonable question, and its answer (as well as some rather highly referenced and gushy praise on my part) is under the cut. Read more...Collapse )
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