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There was a running joke on GREEN ACRES that whenever Olliver would get drunk enough when he and Lisa had a house party he'd break out the guitar and force everyone to listen to his folk songs. Now this in itself is kinda funny, but ALL of his folk songs involved people dying in a fire or being buried in a mine. ALWAYS.

When I was in university in the 80's, one of the guys I hung around regularly with in residence was Richard Moll - Rich is now happily teaching at Western University in London, Ontario, and if he's reading this he can see you all watch as I offer my regards. He introduced me to this great "Celt-A-Delic-Rock-And-Reel" band out of Minneapolis named BOILED IN LEAD. One of our favourite tunes from them was called "My Son John" that was about a guy coming back wounded from the Napoleonic Wars ("My son John was tall and slim / and he had a leg for ev'ery limb / now he's got no legs at all / they were both shot away by a cannonball"). I thought this was something that was original to the BILs - and as a devoted Leadhead I couldn't really be blamed for the misimpression at the time.

Ladies and Gentlemen, trimmed from the Special 1888 Christmas Supplement to THE GRAPHIC magazine, I present you the 1888 comic strip adaptation of FAITHLESS NELLY GREY - a Napoleonic Wars barracks room ballad set after the Storming of Badajos that makes "My Son John" look like "Danny Boy".

Every comic strip from 1888 should start with someone getting their legs blown off... Details under the cutCollapse )


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