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5th-Jul-2007 01:42 pm - Compère-isites, and other nuisances
Me - Hmnn...

"State Of The Union" Dept.:

...wherein Your Beloved Blogger waxes peevishly on the concept of concept parasitismCollapse )

In the meantime - watch how Quentin Tarrantino can build a career off of not telling you what he's "borrowed" from others, and listen to the exquisite vocals of Ambrosia Parsley in the original (two years before KILL BILL) video for GOODNIGHT MOON:

"Who Do You Think You're Fooling" the not-ever-to-be-played-at-the-NY-Indie-Film-Festival classic:

"You're Still Not Fooling Anybody" It's PULP FICTION-ey sequel:

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