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17th-Feb-2007 02:53 pm - The initial results are in!
Bats66: Bomb - DAMNIT!

- and to be honest, I'm not surprised, because despite a chorus of "Ewwww"s from people with misplaced priorities, it looks like it's going to be awfully fun.

In the comic-book community, a lot of what is considered "common knowledge" is actually dictated by about 20 people online who come up with witty put-downs of the things they think they'll dislike, months before they've actually seen or experienced the thing they're talking (and talking, and talking, and talking) about, which is then echo-chambered through the rest of the interest group. In any other community, these people would be called Republicans using "talking points" silly, in this one they seem to be taken at face value, and if anyone calls them out (as one editor in chief recently called it "the Inter-Fret")they turn on them in a flood of worry and name-calling. Well - screw that. I'm asking people's EXPERIENCED opinions, not their projections. Movie critics are just as guilty of this, forming an opinion before they see the picture, and then comparing the picture they "saw" beforehand with the one they actually saw. They often take all their pre-conceptions with a genre and fold that into how savvy they want to appear to their editor. That's not a review. *This* is what a review is supposed to be, folks.

"What They Really Say - When You Really Ask Them" Dept.:

A collection of observations, according to fans who've seen the movie, in our store, a day after opening night:

Ghost Rider - The Movie

- is a lot of fun.

- is the first good Nicholas Cage movie in a while, if you're a Nicholas Cage fan.

- if you hate Nicholas Cage, it's Nicholas Cage with his head on fire and truly something for EVERYONE.

- was made by people who clearly love comic books.

- is better than Daredevil, and much much better than Electra or Catwoman.

- makes more sense within it's own "reality" than Superman Returns.

- isn't better than Batman Begins, X-Men II, or any Spider-Man movie.

- is far-less disappointing than Superman Returns.

- is choppy and disjointed in places with probably a lot of more sense-making stuff left on the cutting-room floor, but this actually helps the film's pacing a bit.

- suffers from a weak main villain, as most of these things do.

- is about as good as X3 - The Final Battle

- has Peter Fonda in a great role, and Sam Elliot in a fun role, especially for old-school comics fans who will immediately recognise his character.

- is a drive-in movie, but there aren't any drive-ins anymore, so only pay about as much for it as you would have to have seen it in a drive-in. But it's a REALLY GOOD drive-in movie - easily as good as the third NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET or Ringo Starr's CAVEMAN. Dumb, but fun.

- will very definately become a cult movie.

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