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14th-Aug-2006 10:34 pm - It is with a heavy heart....
Me- Peek!

I was talking to my friend Melinda a few weeks ago, and one of those things that strikes you as an older person talking to a younger person came up. Now, I don't see myself as being *ancient* or even very old (so you can stop frowning right now, kanashiminokizu and bananaxhammock) - I know I'm nobody's Grampa yet. There is a marked difference for me, tho, between people who are over the age of 30 and those who are under it, and this is something you notice more and more the older you get. This happens often with me, because I have a very wide and varied group of friends and I have about as many friends who are older than me as I have my same age or younger. I suspect that after 60 I'll be saying the same things about people under that age. Melinda's a bright lady for her years, but she was still surprised by something I said to her.

Melinda and I on her last night at Southside Louie's
(the colour shot's the one where the flash went off)

Some rather heavy musings about age and life and death and friends under here - more photos tooCollapse )

Spot Your Respected Chronicler (Back Row, Farthest Right). Nope, despite appearances, that was hair and not a helmet. More under here.Collapse )

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