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"Concerned Neighbour" Dept.:

It turns out that "JOE THE PLUMBER" is not only actually not named Joe, but is also NOT A PLUMBER, may be related to one of McCain's Savings and Loan cheating cronies in the Keating Five, and has just publicly admitted that he lied about the numbers he was giving Barack Obama when Barack had come to his front door (has McCain EVER met people door to door? Does he even stick around to shake hands at the end of the debates? No, he hasn't!) and that "Joe/Sam" the Unlicensed Plumbing Assistant who believes he will net (not Gross, NET!) an income of over a quarter million dollars, will actually recieve a tax break in Obama's plan. HOW MANY SMALL BUSINESSES *NET* A QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR, after taxes and expenses? Joe mentions he's been doing the job for 15 years, he has in fact only been doing it for six. Why do these guys ALWAYS GOTTA LIE? Why do they always look like leathermen?

What's more, "Joe", who was mentioned by McCain TWENTY THREE TIMES in the debate yesterday night, hasn't paid his income taxes in a significant period of time.

Apparently he also BEATS HIS KIDS, but finds it funny to compare Barack Obama to Sammy Davis JR.

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