August 24th, 2007

Strips - Nemo - Riot Act

Now: With FUNCTIONING HTML! The first multi-media character property?

Actually, that might not be true if you count the Mutt & Jeff plays on Broadway based on the incredible popularity of *that* strip, but still...

"Where Were We Before YouTube?" Dept.:

Hand colored with inks on the film itself, by the artist *himself*, Winsor McCay's LITTLE NEMO characters show themselves in a short animated film that he used to present live to packed houses in Vaudeville "chalk talks":

Winsor McCay in a short 1911 silent feature describing his technique - all animation was done by McCay, himself, by hand. The last two minutes at the end repeats the sequence shown above:


As brought to my attention by the excellent Occasional Heroine blog

Sometimes it's good to be reminded of the fundamentals. Special thanks to the Classic Cartoon blog.

"A Commitment To Our Roots" Dept.:

From the first Popeye cartoon, "Popeye The Sailor Man", Bluto manages to get Olive to the circus where she spurns him... you can guess what happens.

Bluto - date rapist.

Yeah, just not a nice guy...

Here he comes - "S'like her legks is made a rubbersk..."

"Ready fa pole-vaultinksk.."

The wind-up...

...and the pitch! It's good!

Note that Olive has not stopped berating Popeye at any point.

Damn, that's good stuff...