February 7th, 2009

Marvel - Furry Nerd

Writer's Block: You Wouldn't Understand

Almost everyone coins or uses expressions that make sense to only a few people. What word or phrase do you use most often that you have to explain the meaning of to others?

The one I'm the proudest of is from the early 90s, and this was used before Joss Whedon used it. I'm proud of it because almost all of my circle of friends started using it instantly:

"He's a good guy, but his Kung Fu is poor..."
Marvel - Furry Nerd

Got an idea...

"State of the Pappy" Dept.:

Hello internets, it's been a while....

I have a couple of Big Idea Posts in the old-head-cooker right now about the nature of web 2.0 and the benefits of shamelessness, how community finds you whether you want it to or not, why David Milch is my prophet, and on the death of one hobby and the reawakening of another.

I just have to find time to get to it.

So, the ideas are there - I'm not blocked - I'm just dancing as fast as I can over here.