papajoemambo (papajoemambo) wrote,

Now: With FUNCTIONING HTML! The first multi-media character property?

Actually, that might not be true if you count the Mutt & Jeff plays on Broadway based on the incredible popularity of *that* strip, but still...

"Where Were We Before YouTube?" Dept.:

Hand colored with inks on the film itself, by the artist *himself*, Winsor McCay's LITTLE NEMO characters show themselves in a short animated film that he used to present live to packed houses in Vaudeville "chalk talks":

Winsor McCay in a short 1911 silent feature describing his technique - all animation was done by McCay, himself, by hand. The last two minutes at the end repeats the sequence shown above:

Tags: as good as it gets, comic strips, jazz age, little nemo, silent film, the genius of winsor mccay, vaudeville, vintage surrealism, where were we before youtube?

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